• I Joined the Army

    I’ve joined the army after unsuccessfully finding a job after 4 months of searching. In the future I’d like to take what I’ve learned and make my own films. I’d like to thank my family for the support they’ve given me over the past 4 years and the friends who helped me along the way.

  • 2012 IU Football Commercial is Ready

    Here’s the entirety of that commercial I started work on back in May.

  • Demo Reel

    Highlights of some of the effects I’ve done from over the past year.

  • Powerful and Poetic Colorado Commercial

    I’ve found a commercial that expresses my thoughts on experiencing the real world and the power of cinema. Performances and events may only happen once and never happen the same way again. Each moment is truly genuine and to blink or to not go on adventures would be to deny yourself something of true meaning. …