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Hi. I’m Kaleb Basey. I’m a filmmaker. I enjoy all aspects of the film making process: from pre-production, to working with actors (when I’m not the one acting), to authoring the dvd. On my journey to become a better filmmaker I’ve picked up a whole bunch of other skills that allow me to work in different areas of media. This is why I also consider myself a multimedia artist.

In high school I knew I wanted to do filmmaking as a hobby, but after a semester in college I changed my major and knew I wanted to do it as a career. The biggest kick I’ve gotten out of making films is the amount of things you learn simply in the experience of making them. I’ve learned far more on my own than in any classroom. The classes I did learn in I found that they required me to try new things on my own. I’m fascinated by the idea of the auteur, the idea of one person being the sole author or driving force behind a film, and I’ve tried to live up to this ideal by being as independent as possible. I feel that being independent has let me explore my own style which I think is crucial in any young artist’s life.

Thanks for looking at my site and I hope you enjoy some of the stuff that I’ve made as I’ve had a blast making all of them.

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  1. Hi Kaleb,
    Just wanted you to know that we visited your site. I like what I see. We are still reviewing candidates. I might have another project to talk to you about. If I were to provide you with a script, could you make our script look like something Apple would post on their site? I’m thinking something like this:

    Simple, clean, inspiring. We kinda want a video like that for our homepage that tells people what ViewYou is, how it works, but not just a talking head.

    Again, we’ll get back to you about the videography position – I just wanted to see if you might be up for another type of challenge.


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