I Joined the Army

I’ve joined the army after unsuccessfully finding a job after 4 months of searching. In the future I’d like to take what I’ve learned and make my own films. I’d like to thank my family for the support they’ve given me over the past 4 years and the friends who helped me along the way.


Powerful and Poetic Colorado Commercial

I’ve found a commercial that expresses my thoughts on experiencing the real world and the power of cinema. Performances and events may only happen once and never happen the same way again. Each moment is truly genuine and to blink or to not go on adventures would be to deny yourself something of true meaning. …


Bedtime Stories with Harry S. Plinkett

I always grew up watching tv when I was in bed trying to sleep. In recent years I go through periods where I’ll stick to watching a certain thing to help me go to sleep. They usually revolve around sci-fi/fantasy related themes. 2001, THX1138, Stalker, Lord of the Rings, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas… …


Storage Wars Effect

The cutout effect that can be seen in A&E’s Storage Wars series at the begining of the show and when someone buys a locker. It’s all about the wow factor.


Grenade Time

Showing off my skills in another effects video with some fast behind the scenes footage. In Cinema 4d I used a sky with some hdr global illumination, and then added a sun light to give it similar rim lighting to the live-action grenade provided by video copilot.Explosions also came from video copilot’s action essentials. All-in-all …


Bought an SSD

I finally decided to see what all the hype is about with these ssd drives. They’re at fairly decent prices now…had some extra cash…buy it?…sure, why not? Got a Vertex 4 128GB from Amazon with an Icy Dock 2.5″-3.5″ adapter. Hopefully this speeds things up a bit. Spent about $160 in all. I’ll write a …


Adding People to a Shot

I used a technique of using grass as a green screen to enable large movements through the frame. Used just family members as my crowd insertions. All supplementary plates were shot in my sideyard. Backplate was matchmoved with Boujou. All compositing done in After Effects. Blimp added in C4d. A commercial for IU football.


“Backyard” Green Screen

Time for some backyard vfx…Literally. In the absence of a large studio with a cyc set-up I decided to use a field of grass as a green screen. I needed a large green screen to composite shots for my latest crowd insertion project. It worked out pretty well. I did have to do some rotoscoping …