Bedtime Stories with Harry S. Plinkett

I always grew up watching tv when I was in bed trying to sleep. In recent years I go through periods where I’ll stick to watching a certain thing to help me go to sleep. They usually revolve around sci-fi/fantasy related themes. 2001, THX1138, Stalker, Lord of the Rings, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas… As of recently I’ve been watching the Plinkett reviews on I find the commentaries insightful, hillarious, and they’re delivered in a droll, sleep-inducing tone. Even if I shut my eyes I’m still getting the information I need from the review and I don’t feel obligated to keep looking at the screen as I would with a movie. Plus I don’t feel obligated to watch the movies he reviews since they’re all pretty much crap. Right now I’m heading off to bed and I’m going to watch this review.

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