Powerful and Poetic Colorado Commercial

I’ve found a commercial that expresses my thoughts on experiencing the real world and the power of cinema. Performances and events may only happen once and never happen the same way again. Each moment is truly genuine and to blink or to not go on adventures would be to deny yourself something of true meaning. You can be a poor man and witness the most beautiful sunset there ever was and be filled with elation. You can be a rich man sitting behind a desk making millions of dollars and although money has value there are these priceless moments that slip away. I think cinema is a great tool to capture these moments and to enhance the emotion attached to these moments. It is frustrating when you know you won’t be able to capture a moment on camera or you don’t know the perfect permutation of letters and words to express all that you want to say in an eloquent and brief way. You have to physically separate yourself from that pompous desire I think to want to show everyone you were there or to perhaps prove your artistry in attempting to capture and amplify this emotion. You just have to be there in the moment experiencing whatever it is with whoever you’re with. And even beyond that, finding happiness in something other than or beyond what society deems valuable: aesthetically pleasing scenery, listening to certain sounds, being in a certain location, accomplishing something that’s been done before, having certain things. These things are repeatable. Appreciating moments as if they are non-replicable, believing the sun will never set exactly that same way ever again, believing you’re doing something never done before makes these things unforgettable. Authenticity is transcendental.

Alas, here is the commercial that got me worked up.

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