Storage Wars Effect

The cutout effect that can be seen in A&E’s Storage Wars series at the begining of the show and when someone buys a locker. It’s all about the wow factor.


Grenade Time

Showing off my skills in another effects video with some fast behind the scenes footage. In Cinema 4d I used a sky with some hdr global illumination, and then added a sun light to give it similar rim lighting to the live-action grenade provided by video copilot.Explosions also came from video copilot’s action essentials. All-in-all …


Adding People to a Shot

I used a technique of using grass as a green screen to enable large movements through the frame. Used just family members as my crowd insertions. All supplementary plates were shot in my sideyard. Backplate was matchmoved with Boujou. All compositing done in After Effects. Blimp added in C4d. A commercial for IU football.


“Backyard” Green Screen

Time for some backyard vfx…Literally. In the absence of a large studio with a cyc set-up I decided to use a field of grass as a green screen. I needed a large green screen to composite shots for my latest crowd insertion project. It worked out pretty well. I did have to do some rotoscoping …


A Wild Crowd

For this project I supplemented an existing crowd in a football stadium using existing crowd members. I tracked the footage in Boujou to get a steady track. I repeated the existing fireworks as well as added in new ones that shoot off from the rim of the stadium. I added a new sky. I can …


Little League

I would like to film some more little league stuff as like a summer job. I’d charge $150 for a 3-4 minute video like this showing the highlights of the game with a team picture at the end set to some music. I could make up a DVD for each of the players and deliver …


CC Particle Time Lapse

I used cc particle world to sweeten up a time lapse i did. The settings for particle world can be seen below. I give a basic breakdown of the other things I did in the video as well.


Fireworks in After Effects

A test video to see what method of compositing fireworks worked best. Trapcode fireworks were fake looking. Found some 1080p footage on YouTube of 48 inch shells exploding and set the blending to color dodge. Used grey scale gorillas sparkler preset for trapcode to make the launch tail. That can stand to be worked on …