Little League

I would like to film some more little league stuff as like a summer job. I’d charge $150 for a 3-4 minute video like this showing the highlights of the game with a team picture at the end set to some music. I could make up a DVD for each of the players and deliver …


Tutorial 2: Prop and Rotor Blur Kit

Adding motion blur to props and rotors can be frustrating…Even if you manage to find out how to get the blades to blur decently you have to deal with the render intensive motion blur which can easily double your render time. Not anymore. With this tutorial you’ll be on your way to creating your own …


Tutorial 1: 2d tracking from boujou to after effects

My first tutorial. There aren’t too many tutorials that cover 2d tracking integration between boujou and AE , most are concerned with 3d packages. In this 2 part tutorial I go over the basics of tracking, solving, scene geometry, and exporting a camera in boujou. I go over 2 different ways of doing scene geometry. …

Boujou Test 7: Helicopter in Yard

Boujou Test 7: Helicopter in the Yard

An Apache lands in the yard. Rotowash was made in AE using trapcode particular. Used a sprite particle type with a smoke element I got from the AK tutorial on set extensions. Upped the velocity, added gravity and some other things to make it go swirly whirly. Tracked the chopper and parented the rotowash to …

August 2, 2011 Timelapse

Panning Timelapse: August 2nd, 2011

One of the finer examples of timelapses I did during the summer of 2011. I used the milapse head to produce the pan and used a technique of fading the night into day portions instead of using the 2 techniques I use now that produce less jarring transitions: bulb ramping and aperture priority.    


NCAA Ad Edit

In T-353 we were tasked with editing a couple commercials from a bunch of raw, unsorted footage and a script. This is what I came up with. Now compare mine to the original.  

IU Slider Shots

IU Statue Slider Shots

Some slider shots of statues around the IU Bloomington campus. Used a Glidetrack 1m hd track and had only a single bogen tripod so the track was a little shaky at points. I used AE’s warp stabilizer tool to help smooth out some of the shots.

Lightning TImelapse: Aug 9, 2011

Thunderhead Timelapse

Caught this one in late summer by chance. My mom said there was a weird looking cloud outside and I went outside to look. I immediately raced upstairs for my camera and tripod. ap priority, iso 100, f2.8, meter set to -2 (set to -1 after getting lapse and it had no visible effect on …