Banner Ads for Onyx Solar

A Gif I did for Onyx

I designed these ads around the end of summer in 2011 for a company called Onyx in response to a contest. I ended up getting screwed on the whole deal as the guy who was running the contest said my early submittals were going to win and that he wanted to see more sizes than what he’d had listed. I agreed to produce more sizes for more money and he said that would be alright. Needless to say I didn’t win and invested a good deal of time into making these.  But I did learn some stuff like using After Effects as a starting point for 2D designs and utilizing things like trapcode particular for the stars and knoll light factory for the lens flare element and then bringing it into Photoshop for final tweaks and adjustments. I also gained in depth knowledge on GIF animation as I also made animated ads and was always pressed for trying to squeeze as much as I could into the GIF without going over a specified amount of data. But after getting screwed that badly I sorta’ abandoned hope of making extra money on 99designs and went back to focusing on creating videos.


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