Boujou Test 7: Helicopter in the Yard

An Apache lands in the yard. Rotowash was made in AE using trapcode particular. Used a sprite particle type with a smoke element I got from the AK tutorial on set extensions. Upped the velocity, added gravity and some other things to make it go swirly whirly. Tracked the chopper and parented the rotowash to the track. Color corrected the particles to match the scene. Used AK’s film magic “war film” color grade. Kramer’s presets don’t tend to blow out the colors the way magic bullet does.

Used a rotor disk that creates artificial blur without checking the blur settings for c4d. Used vibration tag settings of 1.5 rotations at 350 amplitude with regular pulse. This worked out well for 24fps footage. 2 rotations looked like it worked for 30fps…Did some tests using actual rotors and scene blur and 16 samples looked pretty good, but that’s a ton of time. Also, when using a rotor disc you have to add a compositing tag to the sky and exclude the rotors so the GI isn’t applied to them which causes them to become opaque looking. You also have to check the icon next to the triangle in the exclusion area once they’re there. I found that to keep the color in the rotors you had to check the composite bg box in the compositing tag for the rotors.

I rendered out an alpha pass/ object buffer for both the floor and the helicopter although I think I only really need the helicopter or whatever object I’m rendering from now on. Also, I rendered out an rgb in the multipass which was redundant because the renderer already rendered out an rgb pass.

I need to work on more realistic movements i.e. tilt and yaw as the copter lands. Of course, working in some secondary actions like shocks on the wheels would also be nice, Adding movement to trees, maybe using the puppet tool for this or compositing in some branches to move. Also, looking into finding out how to create the effect of grass moving in the rotorwash. Motion blur is also something I need to look into. There’s something called reelsmart blur I think that does this, but it costs money.


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