College Fashionista Backstage at IU’s 2012 RSO Fashion Show

I shot, edited, and did graphics for this behind the scenes look of a college fashion show. My friend since childhood, Isaac Gardner, ran the sound mixer for me to get some nice 24bit sound. I had to weed out all of the junk clips and then sort the interviews out from the b-reel first so that Singular Software’s Dual Eyes could do it’s thing.

Once the footage was synched in Dual Eyes I then edited/color corrected in Premiere. I used After Effects for the intro and exit motion graphics. I worked in audition to make the mono audio into stereo and normalized and hard limited the clips as well. Hard limiting seemed to be the most effective tool in getting nice and level audio…Even more so than working with compression. Rather than doing stereo mixdowns as I’ve done in the past I exported all audio tracks back into Premiere. I utilized nested sequences in premiere, one for the interview section, one for the fashion show section.


This is another video I shot that contains hair and makeup interviews. It wasn’t quite what was wanted, but I felt these girls worked hard and deserved to have their work seen too.


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