My First 3D Animation: Bully vs. Fry

This short got 3rd place in the 2012 IU Multivisions Showcase in the Animation/Graphics/Game category.

Made as part commercial for Hamburger High, part midterm and final project for my 3D animation class. I used Cinema 4D to make this. I had no previous experience with 3D before taking the class and by about week 3 I started into the designing of the Bully Burger character. Then I modeled the fry and began to start modeling other objects like a lunch tray, a fry box, the drink cup… I ended up getting carried away and designed the whole interior of the diner. I made everything myself. I would continually reference for design ideas and to see what other artists had done. I was amazed at the pricing for some of the things. Like a diner stool would cost $20! Jukeboxes could cost as much as $200 or more. My instructor told me that my scene would retail in the high $200 range if I sold it on turbosquid which made me feel accomplished. I just wish I’d gotten into 3D modeling much sooner in my career. I’m jealous of the 12 year olds who have tutorials posted to youtube teaching me how to do this stuff.

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