Hamburger High Website


I designed and managed this website from spring 2011 to now. I learned how to transfer parked domain names, experienced the whole process buying of and setting up the web hosting, and then designing the website from scratch while learning Dreamweaver. I was literally going through the tutorials while I was designing the site. I also learned how to create and setup forms that allowed the owners to receive job applications to their email which saved them a ton of time and considerable expense in paper. My design for the menu portion of the website was also used by the owners as the paradigm for their own menu board in the restaurant. I also learned about flash animation and integration on the website as I’d posted a flash ad that was active on the website in the weeks prior to the restaurant’s opening. It was a very valuable learning experience. The only thing that I didn’t like about this is that it was such an intensive learning process for only a single website and without other work in this area to keep my skills sharp I fell out of practice with html, css, and Dreamweaver. When I tried to revamp my personal website a couple months after I’d completed the project I found myself trying to relearn the same things again. It’s not like you just make up websites for fun like you do videos, I’m sure you could, but I just don’t see the fun in that which is why I consider myself mainly a video artist over a web designer.

The code and design views for the job application page


The menu graphic I designed for the menu page

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