Thunderhead Timelapse

Caught this one in late summer by chance. My mom said there was a weird looking cloud outside and I went outside to look. I immediately raced upstairs for my camera and tripod.

ap priority, iso 100, f2.8, meter set to -2 (set to -1 after getting lapse and it had no visible effect on shutter speed).Setting meter at zero produced overexposed image.
Moon passing into frame had no affect on metering. Slowed by 200% and time remapped to match end of music (a little jumpy).
Cloned out some lights, power poles, and a corner of our porch’s roof. Note the light wrapping around the shopped out poles in the middle of the frame (fix this next time, Kaleb).
Frame Blending used here, ok results. Need to get a faster lens for more fps.

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