Shoot Shoot, Bang Bang: Flash Game Sound Design


In T-369 Sound Design I designed sound effects for a Space Invaders-esque Flash arcade game. I synthesized and did preliminary processing of sounds inside Garage Band using the musical typing function and then went into Pro Tools to edit the sound files into usable snippets. I then went into Flash and added the audio files to the library and changed some action script around and voila!

Play Space Shooter

Here are some of the processed and trimmed files that can be found in the game.

Space Sound


Pitched Up Explosion

Pitched Down Explosion

Jet Sound Powerup

“Lock and Load” Weapon Upgrade

“Let’s Do This” Respawn Sound

Laser 1

Laser 2

Laser 3

Laser 4

Explosion 1

Explosion 2

Explosion 3

Explosion 4



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