Kaleb Basey


Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro

2D Compositing: Adobe After Effects
3D Package: Cinema 4D R13 Studio

Matchmoving/Motion Tracking: Boujou 5

Graphic Design: Photoshop, Flash (working knowledge), Illustrator (mainly for its C4D integration)

Sound: Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Soundbooth (working knowledge), Dual Eyes, Plural Eyes

DVD Authoring: Adobe Encore, idvd

Web Design (limited experience): Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, html

Sceenwriting Software: Final Draft, Celtx

General Computer Skills: Word, Powerpoint, Excel

Photography/Videography: I’m experienced with canon dslr cameras for video and still work.

Sound Recording: I’m experienced with using the Sound Devices MixPre, various low-end Digidesign audio interfaces, the Marantz PMD 660, and the Zoom H4N.


Indiana University, Bloomington, IN,  GPA: 3.32/4.0

B.A. Telecommunications w/ Production Emphasis, May 2012

B.A. Communication and Culture w/  Film and Media Studies Emphasis, May 2012

Pendleton Heights High School, Pendleton, IN, 2008, Academic Honors Diploma and 10 Athletic Letters


College Fashionista, April 2012

Videographer/Editor/Motion Graphics

Created a video for their YouTube channel of the 2012 IU RSO Fashion Show


Work Experience

Blue Ace Media/ IU Football 2012 Commercial. May 2012

Video Compositing

Used Boujou 5, After Effects, Cinema 4D to sweeten two shots for the commercial. Shot a number of plates using my DSLR that composited onto the backplates provided to me. Created a number of effects including: crowd insertion, jet flyover, firework insertion & duplication, and sky replacement.


2012 IU Iris Film Festival Brian Friedman Award, given for best film made in a communication and culture course.






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